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Privacy Notice » 29.05.2014

In line with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA), we have updated our privacy policy. This notice serves to inform all our members of these changes. We will continue to ensure privacy of the member's personal data.

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DBKU City Library

Masa Operasi Sepanjang Bulan Ramadhan 1437h/2016 » 27.05.2016


Berikut adalah masa operasi perpustakaan sepanjang bulan Ramadhan mulai: -


6 Jun 2016 – 5 Julai 2016


Masa Operasi

Isnin : 1.30 petang – 5.30 petang

Selasa - Sabtu : 9.00 pagi – 5.30 petang

Ahad : 10.00 pagi – 5.00 petang


Kaunter Sirkulasi akan ditutup pada:


Isnin – Sabtu : 5.00 petang

Ahad : 4.30 petang


Selamat Berpuasa


DBKU City Library

Notis Penutupan » 24.05.2016


Perpustakaan Bandaraya DBKU akan ditutup sempena Cuti Perayaan Gawai Dayak pada: -


1 - 2 Jun 2016 (Rabu dan Khamis)




Sambutan Hari Keputeraan Rasmi Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agung pada:


4 Jun 2016 (Sabtu)


DBKU City Library

Closing Notice » 12.05.2016


DBKU City Library will be temporarily closed for Stock Checking process on:: -


16th – 27th May 2016


and will resume normal opening hours on 28th May 2016.


Any inconvenience caused is very much regretted.


DBKU City Library

Closing Notice » 15.04.2016


DBKU City Library will be closed for Labour Day and Public Holiday on: -


1st & 2nd May 2016
(Sunday & Monday)


DBKU City Library

Closing Notice » 14.03.2016


DBKU City Library will be closed on: -


25th March 2016


for Good Friday and will resume normal opening hours on 26th March 2016.


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