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Privacy Notice » 29.05.2014

In line with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA), we have updated our privacy policy. This notice serves to inform all our members of these changes. We will continue to ensure privacy of the member's personal data.

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DBKU City Library

Closing Notice » 25.11.2016


DBKU City Library will be closed in conjunction with Prophet Muhammad's Birthday on:-


12th December 2016


Normal opening hours will resume on 13th December 2016 (Tuesday).


DBKU City Library

Aktiviti Cuti Sekolah Untuk Bulan November dan Disember 2016 » 15.11.2016


Perpustakaan DBKU akan mengadakan aktiviti sepanjang bulan November dan Disember sempena cuti sekolah. Setiap aktiviti akan bermula pada jam 2.30 petang:-



Aktiviti Untuk Bulan November 2016
22 & 29 November (Selasa) Paper Craft
23 November (Rabu) Word Search
24 November (Khamis) Mini Reading Aloud Competition
25 November (Friday) Movie/Games
30 November (Rabu) Indoor Games



Aktiviti Untuk Bulan Disember 2016
1 Disember (Khamis) Maze Game
2 Disember (Jumaat) Story Telling
7 Disember (Rabu) Fun Painting & Coloring Day
8 Disember (Khamis) Quizzes/Games
9 Disember (Jumaat) Movie/Games
13 Disember (Selasa) Cake Deco
14 Disember (Rabu) Paper Plate Aquarium
15 Disember (Khamis) Station to Station
16 Disember (Jumaat) Movie/Games
20 Disember (Selasa) Toilet Roll Car
21 Disember (Rabu) Festive Greeting Cards
22 Disember (Khamis) Bookmark Print
23 Disember (Jumaat) Movie/Games


DBKU City Library

Closing Notice » 21.09.2016


DBKU City Library will be closed in conjunction with Awal Muharram (Maal Hijrah) on:-


2nd & 3rd October 2016
(Sunday & Monday)


Normal opening hours will resume on 4th October 2016 (Tuesday).


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