Last Update: 1 Dec 2023
Version 8.0.4b
Union CatalogueUnion Catalogue

Union Catalogue (UC) is a database of bibliographic records that are created, maintained and utilized by a group of Libraries.

It is very important for you to understand the concept of Union Catalogue (UC) since our product, ANGKASA is actually built based on Union Catalogue concepts. This concept has benefit the participating libraries especially in doing cataloguing.


How Does It Come About

Traditionally, most of the libraries in Sarawak build up and maintain their collection information individually within their own organisation. This applies to both library with and without a computerised library management system. Therefore, when it comes to the point of information sharing, there are issues from data to system that need to be addressed among the libraries before the information can be made available to the public easily.

As the initiative to facilitate the required information sharing across thes State, the Union Catalogue concept is introduced and implemented in year 2000. This concept allows bibliographic records created by various participating libraries to be stored and consolidated in a centralised repository through the use of Angkasa Library Management System.

Who Manage The Union Catalogue

The collection information in Union Catalogue (UC) is powered by librarians from all participating libraries. As at today, there are 22 libraries that are contributing to the UC. There is also a UC committee that manages the UC as a whole, determining the direction of UC and continuously making the necessary efforts to ensure the quality of UC. For example, two professional catalogers are employed to be the fulltime custodian of UC, helping libraries' catalogers in the area of cataloging.

What Are The Benefits Of Union Catalogue

With the existence of UC, bibliographic records created from a particular library can be shared by all participating libraries. This eventually save the time and effort in re-keying bibliographic record for the same collection. Any library that joins the UC will tap into the comprehensive database for information sharing automatically instead of catalogue their collection from scratch. With UC, the holdings information for all participating libraries are available for public query from single search through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) which is more efficient compared to searching individual libraries' websites.

How To Get Start With Union Catalogue

To get started and access to UC, all you need is to subscribe to ANGKASA, a web-based Library Management System. ANGKASA is built based on the UC concept, providing the necessary modules for libraries to input, process and retrieve from UC. Library that uses ANKGASA will become the member of the UC automatically. This means your library will also get involved in UC development through UC meeting besides the on-going contribution of bibliographic records.