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Sarikei Public LibrarySarikei Public Library

The Sarikei Public Library situated at Jalan Kapur has a floor area of approximately 2,000 square meters at a cost of around RM3.5 million and was opened to the public on 1 st August 2003.

The overall building concept adapted a "U" form wrapping itself around a central courtyard furnished with luxurious hard and soft landscape. The library comprises of a single-storey entrance wing with the lobby and exhibition hall inside leading to the double-storey main library proper which houses the reading areas, lending section, reference section and offices. A Children Section together with a Children Activity Room are also introduced at the single-storey wing next to Jalan Kapur to ensure that those young and intelligent users are not left out. Other facilities provided include Hyper Media Room, Multi-Purpose Room, Exhibition Room, Sarikiena Collections Room, Discussion Rooms, Senior Citizens' Corner and most importantly, for the less fortunate, the ramping entrance corridor is specially designed so that the Disabled can access to the Ground Floor without any difficulties. Behind the entrance wings, are the Sorting Room and the Mobile Library Office.

As part of the Council’s initiative to bridge the digital divide, the Hyper Media Room is provided. It is located on the ground floor and with this new set up of services, the public will be able to access to the World Wide Web of the Internet Information Technology.

The Library is fully computerised using the Angkasa Library Management System which is implemented by the Sarawak Information System Sdn. Bhd (SAINS). With the computerisations, the library are bringing more services on-line to the public members. The major service is the Online Public Access Catalogue System (OPAC) which enables the public to access the collection of the Sarikei Public Library on-line from anywhere (i.e. from home) through the Internet. The public can also do their book reservations on-line as well as viewing their library services and circulation transactions performed in the library.

Library Rules and Regulations

  1. The Library is under the management and control of the Sarikei District Council.
  2. Membership:
    1. An applicant is required to produce his/her Identity Card or Birth Certificate when applying for membership:-

      Registration Fee:

      1. Any person 16 years old and above normally residing in the Sarikei District may apply for Adult Membership on payment of a registration fee of RM4.00
      2. Any person under 16 years old normally residing in the Sarikei District may apply for Junior Membership on payment of a registration fee of RM2.00
      3. In the case of foreigner, he/she has to produce his/her passport and employment pass/work permit/student pass/dependant’s pass;
      4. Registration fee is not refundable and will be treated as cancelled if the person does not activate his/her membership for a period over three years.

      Annual Membership Fee:

      1. Adult Annual Membership fee is RM4.00
      2. Junior Annual Membership fee is RM2.00
    2. Replacement of lost library card cost RM4.00 for Adult Member and RM2.00 for Junior Member.
    3. Library cards are not transferable.
  3. Book on Loan:
    1. The period of loan is two (2) weeks only from the date issued, after which book may be renewed for another two (2) weeks if it is not requested by another member. The book can only be renewed once;
    2. A fine of 10 sen per day will be imposed after the third week for any book returned after the expiry date;
    3. A person who has caused or permitted a book on loan to be lost or mislaid shall be liable to pay for the original cost of the book plus 15% service charge.
  4. Book reservation:
    1. Members can make reservations for books and is required to pay a reservation fee of RM1.00 per item;
    2. Members will be notified either by post/e-mail/telephone when the item is available for collection;
    3. The reservation will be cancelled if members do not collect the reserved item within the time stated.
  5. All hand phones and pagers should be switched off while in the Library building.
  6. No person shall:
    1. Engage in distracting conversation or make any unnecessary noise or disturbance, or use violent, abusive or obscene language in any part of the Library;
    2. Bring or cause to bring any animal belonging to him or under his control into the Library building;
    3. Eat, drink, spit, sleep, smoke or strike a light in any part of the Library building set apart for the use of the public;
    4. Lie down or put his feet on any bench, chairs or table in the Library building or lie down on the floor of the Library building;
    5. Deposit or leave any litter, paper or rubbish, save in the bins or containers provided for that purpose;
    6. Wilfully obstruct the Librarian or any Library Staff in the performance of their duties;
    7. Other than the Library Staff, enter or remain in any part of the Library building not set apart for use of the public unless authorized by the Librarian;
    8. Consume food or other refreshments in the Library except in the area that is specified for use as a cafe/canteen;
    9. Bring into the Library any article which in the opinion of the Librarian is likely to cause annoyance or interferes with the use of the Library by the public;
    10. Enter the Library building if he is offensively unclean or he appears to be intoxicated under the influence of drugs or alcohol or of unsound mind or he is suffering from a contagious disease;
    11. Bring any article or books not belonging to the Library, into the Library unless with the permission of the Librarian;
    12. Soil, damage, mutilate or deface any part of the Library or any furniture fitting, equipment or any other property of the Library;
    13. Remove a number, label or mark of ownership from an item of the library collection;
    14. Take any library material out of any part of the Library whether to another part of the Library or elsewhere without the permission of the Librarian.
  7. No person shall without the consent of the Librarian:-
    1. Solicit for donations or offer anything for sale in the Library building;
    2. Make a tracing of any portion of library material except with the permission of the Librarian;
    3. Take any photograph within the Library building;
    4. Display, distribute, affix or post any bill, placard or advertisement in, to or upon any part of the Library building.
  8. Reference material:-
    1. No reference book, newspapers and magazines, CD-ROM, diskettes and audio-visual materials are allowed to be taken out of the Library;
    2. Except with the permission of the Librarian, no person shall borrow or remove from the collection in the Library any document which is specified as being for reference only.
  9. The Council shall not be responsible for the loss of any personal article belonging to any person using the Library.
  10. The Council may close the Library at any time without notice.
  11. Any person contravening any of the above regulations, if requested by the Librarian shall immediately leave the Library and he/she will be prohibited to enter into the Library building for a period of one year.

Library Opening Hours

Monday to Friday:

10:00am - 12:00pm

2:30pm - 9:00pm

Saturday & Sunday:

9:00am - 1:30pm

Gazetted Public holidays : Closed

Contact Information

Sarikei Public Library
Jalan Kapur
96100 Sarikei
Sarawak, Malaysia

Library Website :

Tel: 084-657840, 653618, 652073
Fax: 084-658623, 653702