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Serian Public LibrarySerian Public Library

Perpustakaan Awam Serian adalah di bawah pentadbiran Majlis Daerah Serian.


  1. Anyone above the age of seven years old residing within the area of Serian District Council and is able to take good care of the books shall be eligible to become a member;
  2. Library Membership Application Form is obtainable from the Library Attendance at the Library's counter during the opening hours;
  3. For a student member, a certificate signed by the school authority concerned to certify that he/she is the student of that school must be attached to the membership application form. A fresh certificate from the school authority concerned is required for the renewal of student membership every year.

Membership Card

  1. Each member shall be issued with a non-transferable membership card which shall be kept by the member when not borrowing book. Membership cards issued to Forms 3 and 5 students must be surrendered to the Librarian for destruction. However, fresh membership card shall be issued on payment of the required membership fees as stated in 4.A.;
  2. The Librarian must be notified immediately on the loss of the membership card in writing.
  3. The membership card holder shall be held responsible for the book issued to his/her membership card

Loan of Book

  1. Only one book at any one time shall be issued on loan to each member on producing his/her membership card;
  2. The book on loan must be returned to the Library within a period of two weeks not later than the last date stamped on the "Date Due" stick on the last page of the book;
  3. Each member shall be personally responsible to bear the cost of the lost or defaced book that is on loan to him/her. The Librarian should be notified immediately on the loss or defacement of any book by the member in writing or filling the prescribed form;
  4. No book shall be on loan to a member whose membership has expired;
  5. No book shall be on loan to those Primary Six; Form Three and Five students two weeks before the third school term ends.


  1. Annual subscription for an adult member is RM3.00 and that of a student membership is RM1.00.
  2. Payment of the above may be made during the opening hours at the Library counter.

Membership Renewal

  1. Memberships must be renewed annually. The expiry date is shown on the reverse side of the membership card;
  2. Same fees as stated in 5.A. above shall be paid for membership renewal.

In the Library

  1. No person shall soil, tear, cut, deface, damage any book, newspaper, magazine, map, periodical, pamphlet, picture, print, chart, photograph and plan of the Library
  2. No person shall smoke or light a match or lighter in any part of the Library;
  3. No person other than the Librarian shall affix or post any bill, placard or notice to or upon any part of the Library;
  4. No person shall cause or allow any dog or other animal belonging to him/her or under his/her control to enter or remain in the Library;
  5. No person, unless with the permission of the Librarian may bring any personal article or book into the Library. The article or book shall be placed at the shelf provided outside the Library;
  6. The Council shall not be resposible for the loss of any personal article or book belonging to any person using the Library;
  7. No person shall drink, partake of refreshment or food in the Library;
  8. No person suffering from an offensive or contagious disease shall enter or remain in the Library;
  9. No person shall lie on the benches, chairs, tables or floor of the Library;
  10. Children below the age of five years old are NOT welcomed.

Overdue Books

Fines will be imposed for late or overdue returns of loaned items, items after the due date will be fines are as follows:

  1. First to third day (10 cent per day)
  2. Fourth to Sixth day (20 cents per day)
  3. Seventh day onwards (50 cents per day)


  1. Any person who finds any book belonging to the Library other than the one officially on loan to him/her is requested to return it to the Librarian as soon as possible. Failure to do so is tantamount to illegal possesion of the Library's property and is liable to prosecution for the offence;
  2. Any lawful orders given by the Council shall be complied with at all times.

Library Opening Hours

Monday - Friday:

9:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays: Closed

Contact Information

N0.1, Jalan Bungan Tanjung
94700 Serian , Sarawak.

Library Website :

Tel: 082-574610
Fax: 082-874799