Last Update: 1 Dec 2023
Version 8.0.4b

LibraryNet is a library community, built specifically to bring libraries from all over the State together. This is where libraries will share resources, publish information that are educational and cultural in nature, exchange opinions, interact with other librarians members as well as researchers.

This will also be a "one-stop" information site for libraries and members. This site will provide integrated information such as the Union Catalogue, circulation and membership records, standards and library management policies as well as articles and researches.

To become a member of this community, just register here. If you are a library and wishes to be part of this community of knowledge sharing, please feel free to contact us at

How can libraries benefit from LibraryNet.


All subscribers to ANGKASA Multi-Media Library Management System automatically become members of the LibraryNet Community. As in a traditional community, this group of libraries and on-line members will share information and skills, collaborate and assist each other and enjoy extension of traditional libraries services. This will also be the place for libraries to share their ideas and members to raise their concerns.

Under LibraryNet, libraries will also enjoy benefits such as :

  • free publication of their library's news and events over the Internet
  • access to the Union Catalogue, which is verified by a group of trained catalogers
  • share knowledge in cataloging and library management skills
  • learn about specific knowledge and experiences from libraries in other areas
  • brings the library closer to the members through discussion databases and questions and answer features
  • keep members updated on happenings through news and events, statistics and list of new books within the library
  • be informed on members' concerns
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How can members benefit from the Librarynet.


LibraryNet brings the libraries' services and information to the member's fingertips. Members will access information from a network of Libraries from the comfort of their homes or offices. There are no geographical boundaries or opening hours to worry about.

On-line transactions such as book reservation, resource booking and the upcoming inter-library loan can be done at the members' convenience. Members will also be able to express their opinions and find out what other member feels about popular issues through the discussion database.

Finally, members will be informed on happenings at various libraries within LibraryNet, news, events and even changes in policies and services.