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JKR Resource CentreJKR Resource Centre

The JKR Resource Center is located at 7th Floor, Wisma Saberkas.

This is part of the Departmental Strategy to create a learning organization by providing online OPAC Access to JKR Hqs Resource Centre collection for JKR Staff throughout Sarawak and for the centre to be e-learning hub. This Resource Centre has a wide-selection of technical and engineering books and journals.

Library Rules and Regulations


1. Any member of JKR Staff, Ex-JKR Staff, Other Gov't staff, Trainee & Student (with authorised letter from the department/college/university) will only be allowed to use the library.

Circulation Policy

1. Only members of JKR staff & Ex-JKR Staff, may borrow circulable items from the library.

2. Each member is entitled to borrow six(6) items at any one time.

3. Registered JKR staff & Ex-JKR staff must show or prove his/her identity at the counter upon borrowing of items or make use of the Facilities for reference.

Borrowing Period

Depending on the type of items:

1. The lending period for the following items:
    1.1. Books and Conference Seminar/Workshop Notes is 2 months.
    1.2. Lecture Notes and Law books is 2 days.
    1.3. Magazines/Journals/Periodicals is 2 weeks.
    1.4. CD-ROM, Diskettes and VCD is 2 weeks.

2. Renewal period allowed for loan of books is 2 weeks and there is no extension period for Magazines/Journals/Periodicals/CD-ROM/VCD.

3. Members can perform the renewing procedure through phone or through the library counter.

4. Phone renewals are not allowed when the items are overdue and members are required to return the items as soon as possible.


1. Reservation of items that have been checked out can be performed through the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) or through the library counter.

2. Members will be notified through phone upon the return of the item(s).

Conditions For Lending

1. The borrower must show or prove his/her identity when required by the librarian.

2. A borrower can borrow only 6 items at any one time.

3. Renewal of the loan is allowed for one time only. If loan is to be renewed for more than one time, prior approval must be obtained from Senior Engineer (HRD).

4. The borrower must come to the library personally to borrow the materials. If it is really necessary for him/her to send another person to borrow the material, he/she must inform the librarian to certify that he wishes to borrow the material and that he will be responsible for it.

5. The particulars of the borrower and of the materials he/she has borrowed must be entered in the Manual Record Book kept by the librarian or entered in the circulation module using LibrarynetID.

6. The borrower must sign in the Manual Record Book for the materials he/she has borrowed.

7. If the borrower has kept the materials exceeding the period permitted and after he/she has served a reminder, his/her membership will be Blocked during which he will not be allowed to borrow any more materials from the Library.

8. The borrower is required to infom the Librarian if and when he/she as been
    transferred to another Branch, Office or Department.

Loss Of Materials

1. The borrower is responsible for the safe keeping of the materials he/she has

2. In case of loss or damage, the borrower will be required to pay for the cost of the materials borrowed by him/her.

3. The cost of the material must be paid by the borrower within one month after he/she has been issued the notice. Otherwise, interest at the rate of 4% per annum on the cost of the material will be imposed.

4. The cost of the materials including the interest thereof if not paid up will be regarded as a debt to the Government and shall be deducted from the borrower's balance of salary and allowance or his/her pension benefits when he/she resigns, or retires, or is dismissed.

5. Any serious infringement of these rules will be reported in the Annual Confidential Report of the borrower.


1. Please kindly leave all bags and folders on the table at the front.

2. Respect other users and the Pusat Sumber administrative rules.

Library Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday:

8:00am - 1:00pm

2:00pm - 5:00pm


8:00am - 11:45am

2:15pm - 5:00pm

Saturdays & Sundays & public holidays: Closed

Contact Information

JKR Resource Centre
7th Floor
Wisma Saberkas
93582 Kuching
Sarawak, Malaysia

Library Website :

Tel: 082-203282
Fax: 082-410757