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Kanowit Public LibraryKanowit Public Library

Kanowit Public Library started out with a single room, known as the Kanowit Reading Room in the early 70's. In July, 1973 the name changed and is known as Kanowit Public Library. There are at present six mini branch Libraries known as Perpustakaan Desa operating in rural community and up-to-date there are 8,685 registered members, 74,179 Collection of books, 54 different types of magazines. The objectives of Kanowit Public Library are:-
          i) To extend the Library services to the rural community
          ii) To promote the learning, use and advancement of Bahasa Melayu and English
          iii) To foster an interest in reading habit and literary skills amongst children.
          iv) To promote the learning of ICT the usage of Internet and assisting the beginners how to use the computer.

The Library belongs to the Public and as such it has to be efficiently service-oriented. To serve and to satisfy the enquiring mind of the public, counter services are vital. In this respect Kanowit Public Library was equipped to deal with anyone who walks through the opening door. Other services provided are books lending, reading material, printed and non-printed (material) such as books, periodical newspaper, computers, audio-visual and upgrading of library infrastructures and services to the public.

Kanowit Public Library membership in year 2005

CategoryNo. of Membership
Adult 3823
Junior 4862
Total 8685

Books Collection / Multi Media (AV) as for the year 2005

Category Malay English Chinese Other(Iban) Total
No. of Books 63,656 34,358 21,009 223 119,246
Computer - - - - 5
Non printed material - - - - 28

Library Rules and Regulations

  1. This Public Library is under the management and control of Kanowit District Council.
  2. The library shall be under the charge of the Kanowit District Council Library Head or any other person authorized by the Council to act on his behalf.
  3. No person other than the person permitted by the Library Head so to shall remove or lend any book from the library. Only registered members are allowed to borrow books.
  4. (a) Memberships: Application form must be completed in full. An application is required to produce his/her identity card or birth certificate when applying for membership. Members should inform the library of any change of their address.
    (b) Any person normally resident of Kanowit District shall be eligible for membership on payment of annual fees as follows:
              (i)  Adult Membership (19 years old and above) - RM5.00
              (ii) Junior Membership (13-16 years old) - RM3.00
    (c) Membership tickets are not transferable.
  5. (a) Members (Adult, Junior and Young) may borrow two (2) books at any time.
    (b) No books shall be taken out of the library at any one time unless it is issued and stamped at the counter service by the library staff.
  6. (a) A person having the charge or possession of any book on loan from the library shall return the book to the library on or before the date stated.
    (b) The period of loan is two (2) weeks only from the date issued, after which books may be renewed once only if they are not requested by another member.
    (c) A person who fails to return any book on loan from the library on the date of expiry shall, whether a reminder from the library has been issued or not, be liable to payment or a fine.
    (d) A fine of 10 cents per day shall be charged against a person who fails to return any book on loan from the library one week after expiry of the stated date. Failure to pay the said fine shall deprive the defaulting person the privilege of borrowing further books or using other facilities from the library.
    (e) A person who having the charge or possession of any book on loan from the library shall cause or permit such book to be lost or mislaid shall report such loss to the officer-in-charge of the library at once.
    (f) Notwithstanding the provisions of Regulation 6(d) hereof a person who has caused or permitted a book on loan from the library to be lost or mislaid, shall be liable to pay a sum not exceeding the purchase price of the books.
  7. No person shall soil, tear, cut, deface, injure or destroy any book of the library and book includes any and every book, newspaper, magazine, periodical pamphlet, picture, print, photograph, engraving, map chart, plan and other article of a like nature forming part of the contents of the library.
  8. No person shall make a tracing of any portion of a book without prior permission of the officer-in-charge or any officer of the library.
  9. No person shall disfigure or cause damage to any part of the library property and premises.
  10. No person other than the officer-in-charge of the library shall affix or post any bill, placard, or notice in the library.
  11. No person shall engage in distracting conversation or make any unnecessary noise in the library. The use of hand phones, pagers, earphones is prohibited in the library.
  12. No person shall willfully obstruct the officer-in-charge or any officer of the library or servant of the council in the execution of his duty or willfully disturb or annoy any other person in the proper use of the library.
  13. No person shall smoke or light match or lighter of any description in any part of the library.
  14. No person shall cause or allow any dog or other animal belonging to him or under his control to enter or remain in the library.
  15. No person shall drinks, partake of refreshment or food in the library.
  16. No person, unless with the permission of the officer-in-charge of the library, may bring any article or book not belonging to the library, into the library.
  17. The council shall not be responsible for the loss of any personal article belonging to any person using the library.

Library Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 2:00pm - 8:30pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays: Closed

Contact Information

Kanowit Public Library
Jalan Kubu
Peti Surat 1
96707 Kanowit
Sarawak, Malaysia.

Library Website:

Tel: 084-752354
Faks: 084-752695