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Introduction to Angkasa Library Management System


Angkasa is a web-based library management system that is designed and developed by a group of software engineers in collaboration with the state government of Sarawak.

First launched in year 2000, ANGKASA has helped the state's first multimedia library, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak in managing their resources and created a total new revolution in providing state-of-the-art web-based library management system. And in less than 4 years, ANGKASA has gain a very successful achievement and this product has been implemented and widely used by many libraries all over the state.

The system have been developed to cater for the different groups of users which are the public libraries, special libraries (legal libraries) and also academic libraries using academic extension to the Angkasa system.


Structure of the System


Angkasa was built with the Union Catalogue concept in mind and also to enable the sharing of multiple library resources as one central resource centre. It allows the members of the involved libraries which is located at different geographical areas of the state to access library resources from home and also to perform transactions (like reservations, viewing transactions and other task) online.


It consist of 13 modules with 6 core modules and 7 extended modules to cater for multiple extra library business needs.



System Key Features


Following are the key features of the Angkasa v3:

  1. Adherence to International Standard
    • MARC21
  2. Integration with other Media
    • Video or audio on demand
    • CD experiences
  3. Multi-Lingual Capability
    • English
    • Malay
    • Chinese
    • Arabic
  4. Fully web-based
    • Consolidated information from all sites
    • Access information anywhere, anytime
  5. Competitive pricing
    • Information Services : Per site
    • Mix and match modules
  6. Empowering the members
    • Member personal page
    • On-line reservation
    • Purchase request
  7. Increased productivity
    • Email reminders
    • Imports and exports of records
    • Tag references, merging of records in Cataloging
    • Automatic update to another module
  8. Greater communication
    • Between libraries
    • Between librarians and members
    • FAQs within LibraryNet
    • News in Personal Page

Libraries Using Angkasa


Please view the Participating Libraries section for the libraries that is using the Angkasa here.


Contact Information for the Product


For More Information, please contact :


Sarawak Information Systems Sdn. Bhd.

3rd Floor, Wisma Bapa Malaysia

93502 Kuching, Sarawak

Tel : 082-444199
Fax : 082-444211
eMail :


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