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Introduction to Public Library, Sri Aman District Council



Public Library, Sri Aman District Council or old name Batang Lupar Council Libray was first established in 1960's. It's first building was situated just opposite Hoover Hotel. Then it move to it's second building which situated at 28 Jalan Paya, Sri Aman in October 1980. This building was officially open by Y.B En. Michael Ben. Now this building is used as store for their mobile library. The third and current building is completed in Jun 1997 and was open to public on 2 February 1998.

This library has lots of collections which suit all sort of life ranging from the children's collection to the researchers' information services.

Web-based library management system is implemented since 31 Mei 2002 but are yet to be fully utilized.

Public Library, Sri Aman District Council also in-charge of some of the smaller sub-libraries which includes:

  • Perpustakaan Desa Batu Lintang, Undop in 1988
  • Perpustakaan Desa Pantu, Sri Aman in 1999
  • Mobile Library which sponsored by KASKA in 1996


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